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Plot: ‘A Haunted House’ is a comedy film written by Michael Tiddes. Marlon Wayans and Rick Alvarez have co-written the screenplay of this film. Watch A Haunted House and see lives of Malcolm (Marlon Wayans) and Keisha (Essence Atkins) that change completely after they move into their dream house. However, unknown to the hidden challenges, which they are going to face in their dream house, the couple of moves in it very happily. Their happiness remains shortlived as weird things start taking place. Malcolm and Keisha find strange things happening in their house. However, they both find out that they are not alone in their house. Someone else is living with them and it is not a human, rather it’s a ghost. The ghost, which causes trouble for both of them, obsesses Keisha. Malcolm starts worrying about Keisha and he turns out to many different people for help from a priest to ghost hunters to get rid of their house from that wicked spirit and free Keisha from it. Malcolm does not want to get his relation ruined with Keisha especially his sexual life because of some ghost. Download A Haunted House and see if he manages to take away Keisha from the ghost or do they have to leave their dream house.

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